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2RHP Sp. z o.o. was founded as a single-purpose company to commercialize the RESYS project, mine rescuers’ communication system designed to use in firedamp and combustible dust atmospheres. The project started in 2012, after winning the contest organized by NBCiR (The National Centre for Research and Development) and signing an agreement for financing its implementation.
Among our consortium partners are such well known institutions as Akademia Górniczo Hutnicza (AGH University of Science and Technology)(the leader of the consortium), Central Mines Rescue Station in Bytom, Main Mining Institute and National Institute of Telecommunications.
Project management was taken over by prof. Tadeusz Uhl of AGH. The project was accomplished successfully. We have fulfilled all the terms of the contest and ours related to the creation of new quality of communication system designed for rescue actions in most difficult conditions, in underground mines susceptible to firedamp and combustible gas explosions. The key factor of our success was the cooperation with the Central Mines Rescue Station. It was an inspiration and motivation for our efforts: the ergonomics of the equipment and functionality of the system was designed according to the CSRG guidelines, and motivation: underground mine rescue actions involve high risk which we wanted to reduce thanks to good underground communication.

RESYS system is unique in the world. Our aim is to continue its development towards wireless communication in underground mines. The ability of wireless audio and data transmission is the new phase of the development of the SMART Mining idea. The limiting factor of the development of SMART Mining is the lack of a universal communication planform. RESYS system creates such a platform and in future, we want to add an option of video transmission. According to the experts, the continuous implementation of the IT systems is the only way to increase safety and work effectiveness in the underground mines. The system and its most important element – the backbone network was designed with a view to use it in underground excavation sites. It takes into account all the activities and changes in the excavations – it’s simple and flexible in terms of building the network. The assembly of the network does not require knowledge of radio technology. It supports audio commands so even weak knowledge of the assembly manual does not make it hard to complete. During the designing process, we have taken into account both the range of the system and the devices’ batteries’ consumption.

RESYS system is innovative hence three patent applications have been filed.

The team that created RESYS consists of experienced radio equipment designers and programmers who have created such solutions as:

Latest news:
2019-03-19 | Certificate IECEx for devices of the RESYS System
We are pleased to inform you that certificates for devices of the RESYS System have been published on the IEC website. |Więcej...
2018-11-19 | Official distributor of the RESYS rescue communication system
We are glad that we can present the official distributor of the RESYS wireless rescue communications system. |Więcej...
2018-06-04 | RESYS tests in Australia
From 15 to 18 May this year representatives of the company 2RHP sp. o.o. presented the RESYS system to NSW and Queensland Mines Rescue Services at Newcastle Mines rescue Station, Australia. |Więcej...
2018-05-07 | ISO certificate
We are pleased to announce that on 27/04/2018 our mediaconverters, repeaters, communicators and bases have obtained the ISO / IEC 80079-34: 2011 certificate. |Więcej...

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