RESYS - Wireless rescue communications system

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RESYS is a wireless rescue communication system. Below are a few of its main advantages:

RESYS is an element of communication interface for SMART MINING – ensuring voice and data transmission.

Latest news:
2019-03-19 | Certificate IECEx for devices of the RESYS System
We are pleased to inform you that certificates for devices of the RESYS System have been published on the IEC website. |Więcej...
2018-11-19 | Official distributor of the RESYS rescue communication system
We are glad that we can present the official distributor of the RESYS wireless rescue communications system. |Więcej...
2018-06-04 | RESYS tests in Australia
From 15 to 18 May this year representatives of the company 2RHP sp. o.o. presented the RESYS system to NSW and Queensland Mines Rescue Services at Newcastle Mines rescue Station, Australia. |Więcej...
2018-05-07 | ISO certificate
We are pleased to announce that on 27/04/2018 our mediaconverters, repeaters, communicators and bases have obtained the ISO / IEC 80079-34: 2011 certificate. |Więcej...

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