RESYS - Wireless rescue communications system

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RESYS is a wireless rescue communication system. Below are a few of its main advantages:

RESYS is an element of communication interface for SMART MINING – ensuring voice and data transmission.

Latest news:
2021-05-21 | Contract with Coal Services from Australia.
2RHP Ltd. informs that on May 10, 2021, we signed a contract with Coal Services Pty Limited from Australia. |Więcej...
2020-05-11 | JSW S. A. uses the Resys system.
The Knurów - Szczygłowice Coal Mine as the first in the JSW S.A. capital group equipped its two mine rescue stations with the RESYS system. |Więcej...
2020-01-15 | Official distributor of the RESYS communication system in Africa
Dedela  Group Mining Consultants is the official and exclusive distributor of the RESYS wireless rescue communications system in Africa. |Więcej...
2019-03-19 | Certificate IECEx for devices of the RESYS System
We are pleased to inform you that certificates for devices of the RESYS System have been published on the IEC website. |Więcej...

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