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Jubilee celebration at CSRG S.A. | 2017-09-22

On the occasion of 110 years of organized mining rescue on Polish soil, in the Hall of Central Rescue Station S.A. in Bytom, 18 September. A debate on Polish mining and the new CSRG S.A. strategy. Among the participants of the debate were Secretary of State in the Ministry of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski, Silesian Voivod Jarosław Wieczorek, silent senators and deputies, presidents of coal companies, employees of the station, representatives of universities, research centers and institutions related to the mining industry.

Company 2RHP sp. Z o.o. She has also been given the opportunity to participate in the jubilee and to present her accomplishments. We have prepared a special exhibition where we showed our corporate password WE CONNNECT 2 PROTECT for the first time.

Thank you CSRG S.A. For the opportunity to participate in such an important event, and we wish all rescuers many successes in a difficult and demanding heart of work



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