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RESYS system presentation at a seminar at AGH | 2017-03-15

On 9th March 2017 took place a seminar organized by the Underground Mining Department of The Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering at Krakow AGH University of Science and Technology entitled: “Innovative system of wireless connection for underground mining”. The head of the Underground Mining Department, dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Burtan invited the representatives of State Mining Authority. The representatives of 2RHP sp. z o.o., Joanna Płachetka and Aleksandra Kowalik presented RESYS system with assistance of Central Mines Rescue Station represented by mgr inż. Janusz Śliwa – the head of a part of the project, main rescue specialist and mgr inż. Piotr Golicz – deputy head of the Rescue Department for Equipment Research and Assessment.

Among the guests were also people engaged in the project from the very beginning, such as prof dr. hab. inż Tadeusz Uhl – the head of the project and prof. zw. dr. hab. inż Stanisław Wasilewski as well as students of AGH University of Science and Technology.

Joanna Płachetka presented the RESYS system. Apart from the multimedia presentation, the viewers could also see the devices of the system, two of which equipped with ATEX that is a repeater and mediaconverter. The viewers asked many questions about detailed technical aspects, some of which could help improve the functionality of the system so that is may be even safer and more effective during underground use. This has started a lively discussion. The representatives of the Central Mines Rescue Station acted as experts because their support in the development of the RESYS system had major influence on its final quality. The quality overcomes the competition what is a great commercial advantage.

We would like to thank the organizers and the guests of the seminar.

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